Can lube actually increase risk of HIV transmission?

So, as my post on anal douching was one of the highest read, I have decided to try to make the blog a little more ‘titillating’ so to speak.  Something of interest to all of us men who have sex with men (and basically all individuals who have sex) is lubricant, more affectionately referred to as ‘lube’.    So many different kinds that when you go to your nearest sex shop you may feel like a lost kid in a candy store.

Last year, an article in POZ magazine discussed the results of a very small trial which showed that individuals who used lubricant  were more likely to acquire rectal STIs and HIV.  This flies in direct contrast of everything I think I was ever taught about harm reduction, mainly that water or silicone based lubricants may help to decrease the risk of acquiring HIV transmission due to the lubrication.  Additionally, the study investigated the safety of several popular lubes, and found that some even wipe out colonies of good bacteria or epithelial cells in the rectum, which would explain some of the reason why such lubricants would increase the risk for HIV transmission.

While I don’t have enough evidence to state whether lube or not is best for bareback anal sex (I can sure as hell say lube makes it more comfortable) the one thing I can say with certainty is that condom sex is best.  And don’t forget to only use water or silicone based lubricants with condoms.  So what’s your favorite lube?

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