About HIVMSM blog

credit to http://www.positivenation.co.uk/issue120/pics/Cover1.jpgAs a public health professional and an upcoming medical student, I have become amazed and inspired by several individuals and organization’s blogs relating to HIV and men who have sex with men (while I acknowledge we have disagreements with this label I’ll go with it for now so this blog could reach the widest audience possible).   Many of these amazing blogs and such can be found in my blogroll.  It is my hope that this blog can be a combination of many different themes: a montage of  my own personal experiences, local and international  news and science around the world relating to HIV and men who have sex with men,  revelations about sexuality and safer sex, harm reduction, etc.  Basically anything I can think of in the realm of HIV that apply to us men and will have an impact on others!  Having worked in the field of international health  for the past 3 years, discussion about gay men and HIV both inside and outside of the US is nonexistent when it comes to US government funded health programs.  As I have been the only advocate for HIV and MSM rights wherever I go I thought I would bring that to the net! I have a passion to share my insights, thoughts and knowledge with you all and and look forward to meeting you all!



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