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Taking the “fe” out of the female condom for HIV protection

So recently I was reading my city’s gay newspaper, Metro Weekly, and the last page of the paper had a feature about the Washington, DC female condom campaign, and how the female condom can be used by MSM for anal sex (see article to the left). The condom, made of a synthetic rubber nitrile, contains two flexible rings, and can be inserted into the anus of a receptive partner prior to intercourse.

While initially I was confused why MSM would want to use the female condom when the male condom exists, I have come to understand that it provides another choice of prevention method.  And, the more choices that one has, the better.  Basically, there are times when an insertive “top” will not want to use a condom.  In these instances, the receptive partner can insert the female condom to protect himself and his partner.  Additionally, there are times when unfortunately it is next to impossible to negotiate condom use.   In the MSM community in North America, drugs like ecstasy and crystal meth increase sexual appetite, and decrease inhibitions, and thus condom use, fueling the HIV epidemic.    A receptive “bottom” can insert the female condom before going out to the club, drinking or partying, and stand a much better chance of protecting himself from HIV and other infections.

In case you wanted to see how to use the female condom is used I discovered this great video.  I’m not sure who produced it, or where it is from but I think it’s great. Unfortunately it says embedding has been disabled, but if you click on the “Watch on You Tube” link you should be brought the video!