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Yes, Virginia, there is a gay health clinic in Indonesia!

Bali Medika Clinic, Bali, Indonesia

So just when I didn’t think my day could get any better I stumbled across some news that Indonesia has opened its first clinic for LGBT patients this past October.  As a medical student, it has been my pipe dream to open similar gay health clinics all over the world, especially in areas where homosexuality is denounced, and there is the most need.  Knowing that this has been done in Indonesia, gives me extreme optimism, hope and happiness. One of the main reasons I am studying medicine is so I can be equipped to meet the special needs of GLBT individuals, wherever the need arises.

The clinic is called  is called the Bali Medika Clinic, and is located in the city of Denpasar, and is the first of its kind in the country.  Since opening in October, the clinic has treated more than 100 patients.  The HIV rates in Indonesia are definitely on the increase, and in a predominately Muslim country where strict traditional values shun homosexuality and related sex acts, many men remain closeted and have unprotected MSM sex in the dark.   The mission of the clinic is to provide a safe place for gays, seen as sexual and social deviants by some members of society, to come for sexual health care and HIV and other sexually transmitted infection screenings.  The clinic offers counseling on safe sex practices and HIV prevention, and provides condoms and antiretroviral drugs for HIV patients.

I did find a website for a Bali Medika Clinic, but I am not convinced that it is the same one.  If anyone has any information about this clinic, I would love to receive it, as I would love to do some sort of medical work with them.

So for all all GLBT who feel stigmatized when seeking healthcare, and feel that huge barriers still exist in receiving equitable high quality care, hope does exist.

Here is the link to the AP article I found about the clinic.